Adding Sequence Actions to a Sequence

Once you have completed adding sequence entrance criteria to a new sequence, the last step to create a sequence is to associate actions to the sequence. 

Adding Sequence Actions to a Sequence

The series of sequence actions to be associated with leads or contacts to a sequence based on type creates the series of actions that are automatically completed or delivered to the Engage view of a rep. To build the time series of actions follow the steps below:

Once you have added sequence exit criteria and selected Save, sequence action builder opens

Admins can select from existing sequence actions or create a new sequence action to associate to a sequence

To add an existing action, choose the action type on the side panel, then choose the action you want to add.  

A list of action types is presented to add to the sequence

Once you select the action type a list of available actions is presented in list form. 

Clicking the + icon or dragging the action to the left will add the action in the Seqence. Before Saving and Activating, actions can be reordered by dragging and dropping them into the preferred order. 
After adding a manual action, admins can designate the priority of the action as High, Medium, or Low. These values are presented within the Engage view to agents performing tasks to validate priority across multiple action types. Priorities will inform the default order of actions as they appear on the Today view.

Priority is only available for manual actions–automatic emails do not require priority as they do not appear on the Engage view.  

Lastly,  select the "Time" value to designates the time between actions.

  • Immediate - perform an action immediately following the completion of the prior action. If it is the first action in the Sequence it will be triggered at time of association of the lead or contact to the sequence
  • Custom - Set the number of hours or days to delay the action based on the completion of an action that preceded it.

Repeat the process to add multiple actions as the sequence requires to associate to the time series of actions needed to engage with the lead or contact. 

Once Actions are added, you can reorder them using the arrows on the right side. You can only edit the Sequence Action order when there are no active participants in the Sequence. If you would like to edit the action order of a Sequence that already has actions included, it's recommended you either remove them from the Sequence or Clone the Sequence and then edit the Action order on the new Sequence.  

Next, you can Activate your Sequence.  

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