Activating a Sequence

When you create a Sequence in Guided Selling, the default status will be deactivated. This allows you to review the details of your newly created Sequence before putting it into play. When you're ready, you will need to activate your Sequence before a participant can be added.

You can quickly tell if a Sequence is active by checking the Sequence tab and looking at the status:

Activating a Sequence

  1. Navigate to the Sequence tab in Guided Selling.
  2. Select the Sequence you want to Activate.
  3. Click Activate and confirm that you wish to proceed. If it's an Automatic Sequence, the system will run a query to let you know how many records will be added to the sequence. 

Please note, Sequences are limited to 20,000 participants. If you have reached the limit, participants will need to exit before additional records can be added.  

Automatic Vs. Manual Sequence Behavior

When a Sequence is activated and the activation type is set to automatic, Guided Selling will search and add any leads and contacts that match the entrance criteria. Going forward, any new leads or contacts created in Salesforce will be matched against all of your Sequences to determine if they are a match and should be automatically added.

Manual Sequences allow you to manually add participants individually on the lead or contact record or from the list view's "Add to Sequence" button. Participants are still bound by the entrance criteria of the Sequence, which allows Guided Selling Admins to ensure that users are only adding participants who qualify for the selected Sequence.

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