Error: Queue not associated with this SObject type


Your assignment rules may automatically be assigning participant actions, or some other custom object record, to a Queue so a team of people can work together to take action on the records in the queue. When system tries to assign the custom object records to the Queue though, system throws "Queue not associated with this SObject type" error.


Where you are updating the lead/contact owner to a queue, Guided Selling will attempt to reassign all Participant Actions and Tasks to that queue in Salesforce. However, if Participant Actions or Tasks are not an object that is turned on for the queue the process in Salesforce will fail. 

A Salesforce Administrator should go to the Queue in Setup, and add the custom object which they're trying to assign to the Queue's 'available objects'. To fix this, add these object to the queue's Selected Objects.

  • Navigate to Setup | Users | Queues
  • Edit the affected Queues
  • Find the section called Supported Objects
  • Add the following Objects
    • Participant Action
    • Task


The Available Objects list is not in alphabetical order. If you do not quickly see the correct objects use the keyboard shortcut ctrl/cmd+f to search the page.  

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