Configuring the API Key & Secret for Guided Selling requires Guided Selling to set up a connection with our Admin console. This allows us to see a user’s email connection status to send and receive emails and display the email connection status for admins in Salesforce’s Guided Selling Settings, manage all licenses in our Admin Console, display users in the Salesforce Guided Selling Settings User list, leverage Call/SMS templates within the console. 

How to Set Up & Save your API Key & Secret

To add the Admin console API Key and API Secret to your account perform the following steps:

  1. Request an API Key and Secret from Support or your Implementation Manager if you are implementing Guided Selling.
  2. Upon receipt of the API Key and Secret open your Salesforce account matching the Salesforce Organization ID with your account.
  3. Navigate to the Guided Selling Application from the Salesforce App Launcher → click Sequence Settings in the top page selection → Click Setup in the left navigation menu 
  4. Add the API Key and API Secret provided in your communication to the corresponding fields. Double-check that there are no spaces mistakenly added at the beginning and end. 
  5. SelectSave

Your sequence package will now communicate with the Admin console.

Sandbox Refresh Considerations

Your API Key & API Secret is unique to the Salesforce Organization ID that is stored in Revenue’s Admin Portal. If you refresh a sandbox & your Salesforce Org ID changes, please notify Revenue Support’s Team so we can update your Salesforce Organization ID for your Account. Please specify that you need it updated for your account and for the API Key/Secret Service User. 

We will update the Salesforce Organization ID stored in our database. Your Key & Secret will not change. Once the Organization ID is updated you should see it syncing properly with your Admin console account for your Sandbox. 

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