Guided Selling - 2024-03 Patch #3

The Guided Selling March 2024 Patch #3 is now available for installation. Below, please find the implementation steps, a list of new features, and links to new Support articles. 

Guided Selling March Update

The Guided Selling March 2024 Patch #3 provides key updates to the previously released March 2024 release.

Implementation Steps

Implementation requirements

To install Patch #3 reference the install link provided by Revenue support or listed within the Guided Selling Application.

Revenue Intelligence Package Dependency - To install the latest version of the Guided Selling version you will need to have installed version 1.101 of the Revenue Intelligence package or later. This install must be made before installing the latest Guided Selling version.

Version 9.0 Required - To install the March 2024 Patch #3 you must have currently installed version 9.0+ of the Guided Selling package.

Sandbox Testing Required - All installation of Guided Selling requires sandbox testing to ensure compatibility with all of your core workflows and business-critical steps that have been customized in Salesforce.

Post Implementation 

As a post-upgrade step, add field ringdna__HasOptedOutOfSms__c to ringDNA_Sequence_Contacts and ringDNA_Sequence_Leads field sets. 

Updates in the Patch

Bug Fixes 

  • A fix for an issue where action execution dates were not being updated during our UpsertParticipantActions batch.
  • A fix for an issue where participants were not being added to Engage when a part of a Slow Drip sequence if they were not associated to the sequence on Day 1.
  • A fix for an issue where SMS actions with a status of undelivered were not being marked as performed.
  • A fix for an issue where drip sequences had too many rows selected. 



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