Microsoft Teams Integration Overview

Overview's Microsoft Teams Integration bridges the gap between your Microsoft Teams meetings and Salesforce. Empower your sales team to maximize productivity, gain deeper insights into their calls, and streamline workflows by:

  • Automatically logging Microsoft Teams meetings as Salesforce Events, along with key metrics about the call such as duration, notes, participants, and more.
  • Extending the powerful capabilities of Conversation AI and Moments™ to Microsoft Teams
    • Easily search for and revisit key moments in meetings without watching the entire recording
    • Share highlights with your team or leave timestamped annotations as feedback
    • Deliver real-time conversation guidance with Moments™ during a Teams meeting

How it works

The core component of the Microsoft Teams integration is the Bot, which is an Azure-based service that allows to securely interact with your Teams meetings and recordings using Microsoft's APIs.

Revenue App for Teams

The Revenue App for Teams also allows users to interact with the bot and receive updates when meetings are being processed or log notes and meeting outcomes (dispositions) while live on a meeting.

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The following is required for policy creation and provisioning of the integration:

  • Global Administrator privileges in Microsoft 365
  • Powershell version 5.x or higher
  • MicrosoftTeams Powershell Module

The Support Team will also require the following information prior to provisioning:

A user in must have the following for the integration to work correctly:

  • Assigned a Conversation AI License
  • Link to a Microsoft Teams user in the Integration Settings
    • This should automatically be established if the user's email in matches their email in Microsoft 365. This is refreshed once every 24 hours, but can be manually set on this page as well.


Getting Started

  1. Email and provide your Microsoft Tenant ID. Our Support Team will confirm when the integration has been enabled for you in our backend.
  2. Have your Microsoft 365 Global Administrator complete the implementation steps in the following article: Integrate Microsoft Teams with (Sign-in Required)
    • Creating Compliance Recording Policies
    • Creating Application Access Policies
    • Assigning policies to users and/or groups
    • Granting "Admin Consent" to the application
  3. Configure Account Level Teams Recording Setting in and ensure all users are linked to their respective Microsoft Account.
  4. Start a meeting in Teams with a user your policies are applied to and confirm the integration is working as expected.
  5. Read and share the following article with your users to familiarize them with the feature and recording controls: Microsoft Teams Recording Controls

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