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The new "Revenue AI" chat feature within's opportunity pages reshapes how Sales Managers and Account Executives interact with their deals. By harnessing the power of Revenue AI this allows members of a Go to Market team to ask specific questions about an opportunity and receive instant, insightful responses.

For Sales Managers, this means a streamlined way to monitor deal progress, identify potential risks, and ensure alignment with strategic goals without wading through volumes of data. Account Executives benefit from immediate access to critical deal information, such as activity history, engagement analytics, and milestone achievements, empowering them to take proactive actions and make informed decisions.

This seamless interrogation and inspection capability ensures both roles are synchronized and fully aware of where each deal stands, fostering better collaboration, increased efficiency, and higher success rates in closing deals.

How Revenue AI Works

Revenue AI provides the ability to chat against your data within the Revenue Platform. It is contextually aware of the information that is presented to you to review. In the case of Opportunities, Revenue AI is trained on the detailed insights that are associated with an individual opportunity. Note that Revenue AI is only contextually aware of the opportunity that you are on and cannot answer general questions. 

Given the rich information that Revenue captures and collects for each interaction along with their context, you can ask targeted questions to get at the heart of a deal. The data that powers Revenue AI's Ask a Question of an Opportunity are as follows:

  • Opportunity Details - The information that makes up the current state of the opportunity including Amount, Close Date, Stage, Next Steps, Forecast Category, and more
  • Opportunity History - The key milestone events in a deal such as changes to the close date, amount, and stage
  • Contacts - The associated individuals to the deal. These include individuals who participated in a conversation that is linked to the deal and the opportunity contact roles who are explicitly linked to the deal. 
  • Activity History - The Emails, Calls, Video Meetings, SMS Messages, Events, and Tasks that are associated with the opportunity. Each activity's details, summary, and transcript are used within Revenue AI 

Asking Questions of an Opportunity

Enhanced Analytics and Generative Required - To be able to ask questions of an Opportunity you must have Enhanced Analytics and Generative AI enabled for your account. Enhanced Analytics provides Revenue with insight into your opportunities and the ability to create rich Opportunity Pages to capture a full view of your deals. Generative AI also must be enabled for your account to allow you to leverage features such as Conversation Summaries, Follow-up Emails, Coaching Feedback, Generative Scorecards, and Revenue AI.

To ask questions about an Opportunity, navigate to the list of opportunities in the revenue application. Once there, you can select an individual opportunity that you want to inspect. 

In the bottom right hand of the screen, you will see a new Revenue AI Chat button.

Select the Revenue AI chat button to open the Revenue AI chat window. You will see that the context of Revenue AI is set to the opportunity that you want to inspect and ask questions of. 

To get started, a series of starter questions are provided for you to guide your questions based on best practices. 

Once you have selected a starter, or asked your question of the opportunity, select the submit button. 

Once you submit your question, Revenue AI will provide a detailed response based on the question that you have posted. 

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