Product Updates: May 2024

We are excited to introduce new features and updates across the Revenue Platform. Please take a look at each section below for an overview of each enhancement.

RingDNA Communication Hub

Support for MMS files in SMS Templates

We have expanded the support for MMS in the Communication Hub to SMS Templates. This ensures that the right files are used by sellers in the following scenarios: 

  1. When adding an individual SMS Template to a SMS conversation
  2. When admins have associated a SMS template with a Guided Selling Message action. 

See the following articles for additional details:


Administration Console

Missed Ring Rates report update

The Missed Ring Rates report shows all missed rings, irrespective of the user’s Status at the time of the missed ring. To allow you to identify only the rings that were missed by users in a specific Status, we have added a "User Status at time of missed ring" filter to the report. This allows you to (for example) filter the report by only agents who were in an “Available” status at the time of missed rings.


Revenue Application

Improved Moments™ Experience

We have removed the 255 character limitation on the Notes field in the Moments™ application. 



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