v291 Release Notes (March 12, 2024)

We are excited to introduce new features and updates across the Revenue Platform. Please take a look at each section below for an overview of each enhancement with links to related how-to and knowledge articles.

Conversation Highlights

What’s New?
Conversation AI users can now manually clip notable segments of recorded conversations, saved to and playable from any conversation page.

Why Was This Built?

The goal of creating, sharing, and reviewing key moments as clips is to provide a greater level of control in sharing selections of key moments on calls with internal and external partners, as well as greatly decrease the time spent in identifying and listening to specific key moments on calls for reviewers and clip recipients.

How Does It Work?

  • From a conversation, users enter a dedicated clipping mode where they can define the start and end points of their highlight.
  • Users can also search the transcript, pinpointing the exact moment to clip. Users then provide a title and save the highlight.
  • At present, users can only play highlights back from within the same conversation, through a dedicated carousel at the top of the page.

Learn more about Conversation Highlights.

Notification Completion Phrases

Notification completion phrases are words or phrases that can be added to a piece of Moments™ content. When added, if a user speaks any of the phrases included a notification will automatically be marked as completed. These completion phrases can be used to automatically mark a notification as done that is based on a phrase included or a phrase that does not include criteria.

The power of Notification Completion phrases is not just saving time and energy for your reps but also providing insight into who is using the guidance provided in each Notification. 

Learn more about Notification Completion Phrases when creating content and viewing insights within our Interactions Report.

Contact and Lead Lists

Currently, accessing Salesforce Contact/Lead Lists requires toggling between RingDNA and Salesforce, disrupting workflow and efficiency. Reps often need to reference this information throughout the day and a seamless integration enhances user experience, especially for mobile agents, by eliminating clunky transitions.

Introducing "Lists" within RingDNA, bringing Salesforce Lists directly to the Communication Hub. With lists, we have improved the user experience and workflow efficiency aligns with our goal of enhancing productivity and driving sales effectiveness.

Learn more about Contact and Lead Lists.

Supervisor Whisper

Traditional call monitoring methods can be intrusive and disruptive to both agents and callers, impacting the quality of customer interactions. At the same time maintaining a high level of customer service is crucial for customer satisfaction and retention, which directly impacts business success.

We have introduced a new Supervisor Whisper feature to provide Supervisors with a seamless and non-intrusive way to monitor calls and provide support to Agents. By enhancing call monitoring capabilities, we aim to improve team performance, drive customer satisfaction, and ultimately support Revenue's mission of delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Learn more about Supervisor Whisper

Additional Functionality

In addition to the value listed above, we have also shipped the following items:

Revenue Application

  • Support for allowing users to designate if they want to analyze internal Microsoft Teams meetings via Conversation AI.
  • Improvement to conversation page load times
  • Enhancements to Moments™ conversation etiquette notifications
  • Additional general bug fixes

Communications Hub

  • Support for warm transferring calls to unknown numbers
  • Updated formatting of currency fields to ensure values are properly displayed in currency format
  • Display Conversation Summary within the activity feed of a contact
  • A fix for duplicate SMS activities
  • Additional general bug fixes.



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