View Conversation Summaries in RingDNA Communications Hub


Quickly access summaries of past conversations with leads and contacts directly from your RingDNA interface. This feature aims to empower you with the context needed for more effective and confident engagements.

Why Conversation Summaries Matter

As a sales professional, staying informed about your leads and prospects is vital for meaningful interactions. Conversation Summaries provide valuable insights into past conversations, enabling you to build stronger relationships and drive better outcomes.

How It Works

Accessing contextual information about your leads and prospects is now easier than ever. Simply navigate to the relevant lead or contact details page in your RingDNA interface, find a Call activity, and you'll see AI-generated summaries of previous conversations at your fingertips.

Note: To view Conversation Summaries in RingDNA, the following setup criteria must be met:

1. On the "Account Management" page in the Revenue app, the "Generative AI" toggle must be ON.
2. On the "User Management" modals for individual users in the Revenue app, the "Conversation Summaries" toggle must be ON.
3. An agent must participate in a recorded/transcribed conversation for 4 minutes or longer.  

Get Started

To start using Conversation Summaries in your sales process, simply make new calls in RingDNA, navigate to a Lead or Contact Details page. Click on the Activity tab and find call activities. In these call activities, you'll see the Conversation Summary text block on each new call activity, giving you access to valuable insights from past interactions.

Example of a Conversation Summary in RingDNA is highlighted here.


Note: Summaries shown in the Communications Hub are limited to those calls initiated from the Hub.

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