Sending a SMS Message from your Mobile Device

A user can send an SMS message directly from their mobile device by either logging into the Communication Hub by navigating to or by configuring the ringDNA application on their Android of iOS device. By having the ringDNA application added to your phone not only can you quickly send new SMS messages but also react to inbound SMS notifications to alert you of new messages from prospects or customers.

Navigating to the SMS Composer in Mobile

To send an SMS Message a user can navigate to the Messages tab of the ringDNA Communication Hub to see a list of all of their SMS conversation threads.


By selecting an individual thread a user is navigated to an individual contact record's activity tab and the SMS tab (Users can also navigate directly to this page from a contact record page and bypass the need to go to the global messages navigation tab).

Once here, you can select the SMS input box to compose a new SMS message to the contact. 

Managing SMS Phone Numbers

You can select the phone icon to switch between the phone numbers associated with the contact that you want to Message. By default, the phone number that will be populated is the most recent number used to exchange SMS messages with the contact. 

Using Templates in SMS Messages

Users can also select the "+" icon to open an action menu and select SMS Message Templates that they want to use to compose their message. 

On selection of the SMS Templates option, a user is presented with a list of templates including the content that is within them. 

Sending a Message via Mobile

Such as using the Chrome extension via your desktop, once an SMS is sent to the contact it appears in the conversation details thread of the contact and is automatically logged to Salesforce as an activity record. 




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