Placing a call from your Mobile Device

A user can place a call directly from their mobile device by either logging into the Communication Hub by navigating to or by configuring the ringDNA application on their Android or iOS device. By having the ringDNA application added to your phone not only can you quickly place outbound calls but receive notifications when an inbound call is placed to one of their phone numbers managed by Revenue. 

Placing a Call with Call Forwarding

With call forwarding enabled, calls placed from your mobile device will initiate with an outbound call to the call forwarding number that is designated in your user settings. 


When you initiate a call to a contact and are using your mobile phone number as your forwarding number you will receive a native inbound call notification from your ringDNA smart number. Once you accept the call then an outbound dial will be initiated to the contact that you are trying to reach. 

Placing a Call via WebRTC

If you want to dial a Contact without call forwarding, you can place a dial using WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications) which allows real-time voice communication using your mobile web browser.


Simply select the phone number that you want to dial and the call will be placed directly from your device. 

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