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Customers of D&B Hoovers can leverage the Communication Hub to engage with their prospects and customers quicker than ever. Our D&B Connector application allows for a one way sync of contact list data from Hoovers. This sync automatically links Hoovers Contacts to existing salesforce leads and contacts or allows sellers to quickly create new lead or contact records for those individuals that they want to engage with.

For the D&B Connector application to function, you must meet the following pre-requisites
- Have access to D&B Hoovers
- Install the Communication Hub
- Access Lists within the Communication Hub

Pushing Contacts to from D&B Hoovers

When a D&B user has the Communication Hub Chrome Extension installed within their device, we will add a new "Send to" button when users access contact list pages. No matter how you structure your contact list queries or build your lists, all contacts added to a list can be pushed to

On selection of the "Send with" button you will see the button refresh and process the contact list. 

Upon processing (this usually takes just a second or two) your Communication Hub will automatically refresh to the lists tab, and present the contacts from your list. If you do not have the Communication Hub actively opened, it will open automatically.

Important Details about Lists:

  1. If a Hoovers list has been previously sent to Revenue we will update the individuals within that list.
  2. If it's the first time you are sending a list to Revenue then we will construct a new list and populate it with the individuals within the list. 
  3. Lists are visible on a per user basis. If you send a list from D&B Hoovers to Revenue it will only be visible to you and not shared with other members of your team. 

Managing D&B Contact lists in the Communication Hub

Once you have pushed a list to revenue, you will be able to view each of those contacts within the List tab of the Communication Hub. Each of the contacts will be listed long with reelvant information based on the available data in Hoovers for each individual. 

Contact Details

  1. Contact Name
  2. Title
  3. Account
  4. Email
  5. Phone
  6. Linkedin

Any individual who is already linked to a salesforce lead or contact will be denoted via respective contact and lead icons associated with their names. The association of leads and contacts is done based on automatic email and phone number matching performed by the Communication Hub to directly link records based on these values.

On selection of an individual with a linked record you will be immediately navigated to their contact record page on selection to be able to engage with that individual. 

If you select an individual who is not currently in Salesforce, you will be presented with a lead or contact create form with values populated automatically based on the information passed into the Communication Hub by D&B Hoovers. 

Once you select the "Save" button to create a new record the resulting Salesforce record will be associated with the individual in your contact list. 

Viewing your D&B Hoovers Lists in the Communication Hub

At any point, users can access their Hoovers lists by selecting the "Lists" tab within the left hand navigation. You will see three types of lists within the tab: Leads, Contacts, and D&B Hoovers. Select the D&B Hoovers option to be able to search for lists based on title, view recently vieweed lists, and scroll through the lists that you have pushed to Revenue.

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