Configure Microsoft Teams Account Recording Settings and User Connections

Account-level Recording Settings

A Administrator can set one of two account-level recording settings:

  • Automatically record Microsoft Teams - When enabled, all Microsoft Teams meetings will automatically be set to record. Users can still manually stop the recording of specific meetings.
  • User Level Automatic Microsoft Teams Recording - Allow individual users to enable or disable the automatic recording of Microsoft Teams meetings through Bot Chat by typing "Settings".

To modify these settings, follow the steps below:

Log into the Revenue Admin Console
In the left-hand navigation, locate the Integrations menu and click to expand it.
Select the Microsoft Teams menu option.
When the page loads, if you see this screen, then Microsoft Teams has not yet been enabled in your account. Follow the instructions on our Getting Started page to begin setup.

At the top of the page, you can find the two account-level recording settings


Manage User Connection with Teams

In order for the Teams integration to function, our app must be able to match a user's account to their Microsoft Teams user.

This happens automatically as long as a user's email in matches their Office365/Teams email. However in circumstances where they do not match, it is necessary to manually connect the two users.

A Administrator can manually establish this connection for a user by following the steps below:

Log into the Revenue Admin Console

In the Teams Users section, a list of all users in your account are visible.

When a user has a Microsoft Teams account, their Microsoft Teams email address is visible in the "Microsoft Teams Email" column. When a user does not have a Microsoft Teams account, then this field is null.

To edit a connected user, click the "more" icon and select "Edit"

On the modal window, you can:

  • select a different email associated with the connected user
  • unlink the user to disable the integration


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