Coaching Feedback

Coaching Feedback is a feature within Revenue's suite of conversational intelligence products that leverages Generative AI to analyze the transcript of your sales calls and provide structured feedback to sales agents, offering actionable insights on how to refine their sales techniques for future interactions.Screenshot 2024-01-16 at 11.37.49 PM.png

Benefits of Coaching Feedback

  • Personalized Improvement: Get tailored advice on how to improve your sales calls based on best practices.
  • Efficiency: Save time with automated, intelligent analysis that highlights areas for enhancement without manual input.
  • Integration: Seamlessly log feedback to your Salesforce CRM, keeping all pertinent information in one place.

Accessing and Using Coaching Feedback

  1. Assuming Generative AI features are enabled for your account, and that calls are of the sufficient length, our AI will be able to generate coaching feedback for any given conversation. After a conversation is processed, you can review said feedback, which will be based on the various best practices used for coaching.
  2. Navigate to any given conversation record page, and select the 'Coaching Feedback' tab at the top, adjacent to the other Generative AI content types.
  3. You can use the 'Copy Text' function to easily copy the feedback to your clipboard for further analysis or training purposes.
  4. You can also help us refine this feature by providing your feedback on the coaching output, utilizing the 'Was this helpful' buttons below the output.

Feedback Criteria

Our AI analyzes calls based on a comprehensive best practices template, including but not limited to criteria such as:

  • Engagement Level
  • Solution Presentation
  • Questioning Technique
  • Call-Closing Strategies
  • Conciseness and Clarity
  • Expectation Setting
  • Objection Handling

Salesforce Integration

As of version 286, Coaching Feedback can be logged back to your Salesforce instance, allowing for a more integrated approach to performance management and record-keeping.

For further assistance or to report any issues, please contact our support team.

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