Managing Annotation Tags


Effectively understanding and responding to user feedback is crucial. With annotation tags, users can easily express their sentiments with a thumbs up or thumbs down at critical points in a conversation. This approach to qualitative feedback allows teams to quickly identify what aspects of a conversation engage their audience and what aspects may need improvement. Annotation tags simplify the process of gathering insights and make it easier to find specific conversations of interest. This streamlined approach ensures that feedback is easily accessible and actionable, supporting a culture of ongoing enhancement and user-focused development. 

Managing Annotation Tags

Annotation Tags are managed within the Revenue application within the Tag Management Page located within the Account Settings section of the application. Here managers can add Tags that can be applied to conversations so that feedback is done in a measured and consistent fashion. From this page, managers can view the total number of times that a tag has been applied to a conversation either with a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down sentiment.

Note, to manage Tags, a user must have been provided Conversation AI Manager permission. 

To create a new Tag, users can select the "+ Create Tag" Button. 

On selection of the button, you will be presented with a create tag modal. 

Enter the tag text that you want to add to the system and select Save to create a new Tag. 

Applying a Tag to an Annotation

Now that you have tags created in an account you can apply a tag while providing feedback for a conversation within an annotation. 

Go to a conversation record and scroll down the page to the audio player and transcription block. Within that section, you can annotate the conversation by:

  1. Selecting the point in the conversation that you want to provide feedback to via the current point in the conversation and select the "annotate" button
  2. Select an individual talk segment within the transcript and select the "Create Annotation" action item.

Once you find the point in the conversation where you want to provide feedback and select the annotation button you are presented with a create annotation modal. 

Enter the feedback that you want to provide within the annotations text box. 

Next, select the Add Tags input and type in the name of the tag that you want to apply. Matching tags will show up within the box based on text match.

Select the tag that you want to apply from the search results. Once you have selected a tag you can add a thumbs up or thumbs down sentiment associated with each tag. You can add multiple tags to an annotation and remove unnecessary tags by selecting the "X" option associated with a tag. 

Once you create an annotation by selecting the "Create" button the annotation will be saved against the conversation. You can access the annotation by selecting the "Annotations" tab. If edits are needed, you can select the "pencil" icon in line with the annotation. 

Searching for Conversations by Annotation Tag

Now that annotation tags are being applied to conversations, users can create searches to find conversations based on those applied tags. First navigate to the conversations tab in the Revenue application. 

Once there select the "Add Additional Filters" option to open the advanced filters panel. 

On selection you are presented with a list of filter options. Select the "Conversation Details" option within the list.

In the conversation details filter list scroll down until you find the "Tags" section. 

You can individually select a tag or open up a list of all tags to select multiple tags at a time. Once you apply a tag to the search filter, the list of conversations will be updated based on the active filter selection. 

Now that you have your targeted list of conversations you can create a saved search to be notified every time a new conversation matches that criteria or review the conversations within the search result list. 

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