v288 Release Notes (January 8th, 2024)

We are excited to introduce new features and updates across the Revenue Platform. Please take a look at each section below for an overview of each enhancement with links to related how-to and knowledge articles.

Moments X-Ray Report

What’s New?

A new Moments™ report now exists within X-Ray to provide insight into revenue generation and real-time coaching. 

Why Was This Built?

To show the ROI of Moments™, we built this new report to show the correlation between revenue generation and the real-time coaching that is supporting each rep.

How Does It Work?

Users with access to X-Ray can now see a new Moments™ navigation item. Once selected they will see a new report that highlights the revenue generated, notification, and checklist insights that correspond to each member of their team. 

This data can be used to gain insight into the reps that are not performing and also not using the training and content that is being provided to them via Moments. Inversely, you can see how checklist adherence and notifications relate to your top rep’s performance. 

View our X-ray overview for more details. Please note that X-Ray requires the enablement of Revenue Enhanced Analytics.

Additional Functionality

Revenue Intelligence

  • We have deprecated multi-select filters from X-Ray reports to increase performance.


  • A new "Missed Rings" report is added to the "Missed Ring Rates" dashboard in the Admin Console. This report helps answer the question of why calls were missed. In the report, each missed call is listed and the “Status at time of missed ring” column details the status of an Agent at the time of the missed call (e.g. Busy, Offline, etc.). 



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