v287 Release Notes (12/19/23)

We are excited to introduce a series of new features and updates across the Revenue Platform. See each section below for an overview of each enhancement with links to related how-to and knowledge articles.

X-Ray Summary Insights

  • What’s New?
    • We have created a new summary tab on X-Ray that highlights the top, middle, and bottom performer statistics across activities, behaviors, and coaching.
  • Why Was This Built?
    • We needed to provide the ability to give a Sales Manager a view into the variance of performance across their team to know where to dig deeper when reviewing performance statistics.
  • How Does It Work?
    • When a user selects the X-Ray tab they will now land by default on a new Summary tab. They will be able to see three reports with the top, middle, and bottom performers across each report. The top performers are the top 20% of users based on closed revenue, the bottom represent the bottom 20% and the middle being calculated by the middle 60%.

Additional Features

  • Revenue Intelligence
    • Admins now have the ability to designate if they want to add a recording URL reference to our generative AI-based Follow-Up Emails
    • Updated Moments™ account scenario logic to reference account fields via participants with a contact record
  • Admin
    • Support for Google Authentication using the new Nylas V3 API
    • Improved “users export” file generation experience from the Users page

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