Generating a User Export file

Maximizing User Insights with User Export in's Admin Console

The User Export feature in's Admin Console empowers administrators with a comprehensive overview of user details, going beyond the basic information visible in the Users table. This feature allows you to export a CSV file that contains a wealth of additional data, providing valuable insights into user profiles and their interactions with the Revenue product suite.


Noteworthy benefits

  1. In-Depth User Analysis:

    • The User Export file includes detailed information such as team affiliations, product licenses, and configuration states. This enables administrators to conduct a thorough analysis of each user's involvement within the Revenue ecosystem.
  2. Efficient Team Management:

    • By knowing users' team affiliations, administrators can streamline team management processes. This information is crucial for ensuring that team members are appropriately assigned and have access to the resources they need.
  3. License Optimization:

    • Gain visibility into the product licenses held by each user. This insight is invaluable for optimizing license distribution, ensuring that licenses are allocated efficiently based on user roles and needs.
  4. Configuration Oversight:

    • The User Export file includes configuration states for various settings in the Revenue product suite. This allows administrators to maintain control over the platform's configuration, ensuring that it aligns with organizational requirements and standards.
  5. Historical Tracking:

    • Track user activity over time with details such as user creation dates and last login information. This historical perspective aids in understanding user engagement patterns and identifying potential areas for improvement.


The User Export feature in's Admin Console transforms user management into a data-driven and insightful process. By leveraging the detailed information provided in the exported CSV file, administrators can optimize team membership, manage licenses efficiently, and maintain control over the configuration states within the Revenue product suite. This feature is an essential tool for organizations seeking a deeper understanding of user engagement and platform utilization.


How to Use the User Export Feature

Log into the Admin Console and click the "Users" link in the left hand navigation.

Click the "Export" icon

The "Export Users" modal is launched. Enter your email address and click the "Generate" button.

Export Details

If you applied any filters to the table prior to clicking the "Export" icon, those filter details will be displayed on the "Export Users" modal window. In this screenshot example, the Admin has searched for a specific user by their email address and kept the Status filter set to find only "Active" users.

After clicking the "Generate" button, the modal window will close and confirmation toasts will be displayed. 

Check your email inbox for the "UserExportJob" email. (Note: for large organizations, it can take several minutes for the email to be generated. Please be patient.)

Click the URL in the body of this email. This will initiate download of the User Export file (in .csv format)

Open the downloaded .csv file. 

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