v286 Release Notes (11/29/23)

We are excited to announce a series of new features and updates across the Revenue Platform. See each section below for an overview of each enhancement with links to related how-to and knowledge articles.

Leverage Generative Text in Salesforce

  • What’s New?
  • Why Was This Built?
    • This was built to enable our customers to leverage native salesforce reporting to quickly view generative summaries, follow up emails, and coaching feedback.
    • In addition this unlocks our customers ability to leverage this text to drive their own custom workflows and generative models.
  • How Does It Work?
    • For customers who have Generative features enabled for their account they will have to install version 1.103 of our ringDNA for Salesforce package.
    • This package will include three new rich text fields that will capture the respective generative output.
    • When a conversation record contains any one of the generative outputs they are logged to the corresponding fields in Salesforce on the conversation object.

Please reach out to our support team to determining if you are able to upgrade directly to the latest version of the ringDNA for Salesforce package.

Additional Features

  • ringDNA
  • Moments™
    • Users can remove a previously set disposition or related record for an active conversation if they errantly set the wrong context of the conversation
    • Expanded support for account based Salesforce scenarios

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