v285 Release Notes (11/8/23)


We are excited to announce a series of new features and updates across the Revenue Platform. See each section below for an overview of each enhancement with links to related how-to and knowledge articles.

Revenue Application

  • We have removed our legacy admin recording player as all conversations can now be played in the Revenue app. This ensures the best playback experience for all conversations possible. 
  • For customers who have Generative AI Follow-up emails enabled, we have updated the formatting of Follow-up Emails to include proper spacing
  • We moved the activity, coaching, and behaviors X-Ray Reports to a sub-navigation to allow for more results to be visible at a time. This ensures that large teams can see the performance of all of their team members easily.
  • The default date range for X-Ray reports has been set to 90 Days.
  • Updated recording behavior to only start recording when a host who has a Revenue license joins a conversation

ringDNA Communication Hub

  • Available agents are prioritized at the top of search results in the “Transfer Call” window. This ensures that reps transfer calls to those who are available, to reduce dead-ends for callers. 

Revenue Admin

Calendar Booking

  • To better assist users who try to access Calendar Booking without a license, we've updated the help text presented to them.
  • Calendar Booking-licensed users who haven't connected a calendar provider now see an educational image and help text to remind them to connect a required Gmail or Microsoft account.

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