Viewing and Managing Conversation Participants in the Moments™ App

Managing participants within the Moments™ Application requires enablement by the team. Please reach out to your Customer Success or Account Manager to request enablement.

When using the Moments application over the Web, Desktop, within the ringDNA Communication Hub, or within Microsoft Teams, users can view key relevant information associated with the participants of an audio call or a video conversation. Our goal is to always provide contextually relevant information about the individuals that your reps are interacting with so that your reps have what they need in front of them to drive the highest quality conversation. No more hunting around in Salesforce while scrambling on a call, the Moments™ application has all of the tools your reps need to succeed

Viewing Participants Associated with a Conversation

Within the header of the Moments™ application is an info bar that contains details about the video conversation. To the left, you have the title of the meeting, date, timestamp, and the current time elapsed into the meeting. The right of the details bar contains a reference to the participants of the meeting. An avatar list is visible with the initials of those who have joined the meeting and a view participants link to be able to see information for each participant in the conversation. 

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Upon clicking the "View Participants" link text link reps are presented with a panel to see information about each individual in the meeting. Each participant will highlight a linked Salesforce lead or contact record. A salesforce record is automatically associated with a participant in the case of a phone number match for an audio conversation or a name match for a Microsoft Teams video conversation where there is a single salesforce match associated with the participant. 

If there is not a single match, users are provided options to link salesforce records to participants. 


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Linking Participants to a Salesforce Lead or Contact

Searching for Contacts and Leads

The first option to link an associated lead or contact to a participant is by searching Salesforce for records. You may need to search for records if there are records in Salesforce that don't contain phone numbers, or have duplicate or slight differences in name. 

By selecting the "Search for Contacts and Leads" text link a user is able to open a search modal to query Salesforce directly for lead or contact records. 

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Once you have selected the search text link you can enter a name into the search bar to query leads and contacts simultaneously. Note that you will have to enter at least 3 characters to execute a search.

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Once you have added a name to the search bar and selected search, you will be able to view results associated with the name you entered. 

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You can select one of the search results to associate with the meeting participant. Note that when you make a selection, the Moments Application will remember your selection so that you don't have to errantly select the same person for future meetings. This is true for participants of audio calls and participants on Microsoft Teams conversations that were logged into the Microsoft Teams client to join your video meeting. 

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Linking an existing Record via Suggested Results

A second option is to associate a salesforce lead or contact record to a participant based on suggestions provided by Revenue. Here we are providing a list of potential matching records based on name match for reps to select without search. These suggested results will provide you insight into the account or company associated with the record and a customizable field that can be managed in the Revenue admin to differentiate records during multi-match scenarios. 

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Reps can select a suggested result to associate the record to the participant in the meeting.

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Creating a New Lead or Contact to link to a Participant

A third option is to create a new lead or contact directly within the Moments™ application for new participants who join a conversation.

To create a new record select the "Create New Contact or Lead" text link option associated with a participant.

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Upon selecting the text link, you will be presented with a modal to create the lead or contact. By default, the radial selection will select the contact record type with the ability for you to select the lead type if necessary. 

The create record form will provide reps with default fields for each object type along with custom fields that are configured within the Revenue admin.

Upon filling out the required information to create a new lead or contact and selecting the submit button, a new salesforce record will be created and linked to the participant.

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Viewing Information Associated with a Record in the Moments™ Application

Now that you have salesforce lead and contact records associated with participants in a conversation, you can view information about each of your conversation participants to remove the need to leave the Moments application.

Viewing Record Details

After selecting a participant with a linked Salesforce record, you can view rich information about the individual directly within the application. The default tab of a linked participant record is the default information for an individual including:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Company
  • Phone Number(s)
  • Email

Within the record detail section is a list of all fields associated with the record as defined in the Revenue admin as fields that are relevant to a rep based on their Salesforce profile. This ensures that members of your team have the fields they need to drive the best outcome for a conversation as that may be different across your teams based on roles and the goals of their conversations. 

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Viewing Activity Associated with a Record

Within the second tab of a linked salesforce record is the list of all activity that is associated with the record. This will include all calls, emails, SMS messages, video meetings, and tasks associated with the record. All activities are presented in chronological order with the most recent activities at the top of the list.

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To see additional details associated with each activity, reps can simply select the "⌄" in line with each activity. Upon selecting the "⌄" reps will be able to view information associated with the type of activity:

  • SMS Message Text
  • Call Notes 
  • Email Body and Text
  • Task Descriptions

Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 6.31.51 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 6.32.10 PM.png

If a rep wants to filter activities based on a specific type they can select an activity type from the dropdown filter above the activity list. 

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On selection of a specific type, they will only see activity results matching that type. At any time a rep can revert the list to show all results by selecting the default "All" option.

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Viewing Related Records Associated with a Record

The last tab associated with a linked salesforce record are related records associated with the lead or contact. Here you can view a list of accounts, opportunities, cases, campaigns, or custom object records that are associated with the lead or contact. 

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For more information about each record, reps can select the "⌄" carat associated with each related record to see the default and custom fields associated with the related record. 

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Unlinking a Lead or Contact from a Participant

If you wish to disassociate a lead or contact from a conversation participant you can select the "unlink" link at the top right of a participant record. 

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On selecting the unlink option the Moments™ application will disassociate the record and return the participant to the unlinked state. Note that when you unlink a record manually, the next time that you have a meeting with a participant you will have to manually re-link that participant to a record via the suggested list, search, or by creating a new lead or contact. 

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