Capturing Conversation Details in the Moments™ App

Managing conversation tools within the Moments™ Application requires enablement by the team. Please reach out to your Customer Success or Account Manager to request enablement.

When using the Moments application over the Web, Desktop, within the ringDNA Communication Hub, or within Microsoft Teams, users can capture key information about the conversation to log directly to Salesforce and the associated activity record associated with a call or video meeting. This ensures that your teams can ensure that all conversations are linked to the right contact or lead, are linked to a related record that tells the story of the context and purpose of the conversation, have the disposition to designate the outcome of the conversation, an associated meeting type to designate the type of video meeting that was held and any notes that the rep wants to log to Salesforce for quick recall. 

All of this is done via the conversation details section of the Moments™ Application. 

Setting the Primary Contact of a Conversation

Setting a Primary Contact Automatically

The first component of Conversation Tools is the ability to designate a primary contact for a call or a video meeting. The Primary Contact otherwise known as the "WhoID" or "Name" associated with an activity ensures that a conversation is associated with the right individuals and accounts. 

By default, the primary contact field is set to a "Set Automatically" value. When the "Set Automatically" value is set then Revenue will use logic to associate lead or contact records to the conversation. This automatic linking is based on the following rules:

  1. Only participants with a linked salesforce lead or contact will be considered (This can be managed by reps via the View and manage participants features of the application. 
  2. Revenue will always prioritize contacts over leads
  3. If there are multiple contacts associated with the conversation then Revenue will associate the record that has been updated most recently.

If there are no available salesforce lead or contact records for the participants in a conversation then no primary contact is set. 

Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 6.30.43 PM.png

At the conclusion of the conversation, Revenue will set the primary contact based on the logic outlined.

Manually Setting a Primary Contact

Alternatively, reps can manually designate the salesforce record that they want to associate with the conversation as the primary contact. This can be done by selecting the Primary Contact modal to view a list of available records

Note that the dropdown list will only present participants with a linked lead or contact record. This means that reps will need to manage the association of leads and contacts in the Moments™ application to populate the dropdown list. 

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Once a lead or contact is linked to the conversation by the rep, it is set as the primary contact of the activity associated with the conversation.

Associating a Related Record to a Conversation

Linking a related record to a conversation is critical to capture the context of the conversation. Relate records designate the what in the equation and help to associate conversations to your customer journey.

Suggested Related Records

Upon selecting the Related Record dropdown within the Conversation Details section of the application, a user is presented with a list of suggested related records that they may want to designate as the context of the conversation. This list is populated with opportunity, account, campaign, case, and custom object records based on the participants of a conversation and their linked salesforce contact and lead records. The rules that drive this logic can be managed by administrators of the Revenue platform via the configuration of related record rules

This provides a quick way for a rep to designate the context of the conversation based on who is in it. 

Once a rep selects a related record from the suggested list it is automatically set as the "What" (or Related Record" value in the activity associated with the conversation.


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Searching for Related Records

If a rep can't find the right context of the conversation within the list of related records or if there are no suggested records in the first place, they can scroll to the bottom of the list and select the "Search More" option. 

Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 7.41.43 PM.png

Upon selecting the "Search More" option they are presented with a modal to search for related records.

Reps can enter the title of a related record (by adding a minimum of three characters) and optionally filter the search by record type (opportunities, accounts, cases, campaigns).

Once they have their search dialed in they can select enter to execute the search.

Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 7.41.57 PM.png

After executing the search, reps will see a list of matching records based on name and record type match if they add the optional record type filter. 

Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 7.45.09 PM.png

Users can then select a record from the list to associate with the conversation and have that related record linked to the activity associated with the conversation in Salesforce.

Setting a Call Disposition for a Conversation

Disposition values are critical to track the outcome of a conversation. Within the Revenue platform, we can segment dispositions by category (positive, negative, or neutral) to be able to group conversations by their effectiveness in achieving a goal. By using conversation tools in the Moments™ application to set the disposition of a conversation you can do so not only for audio calls but also your video meetings. Given that some of your most critical interactions are held over video, this helps managers drive the efficiency of go-to-market reps. 

To set the disposition of a conversation, reps can select the Disposition dropdown and select any disposition option in the available list. Any disposition set in the Moments™ application will also be reflected in the ringDNA communication hub and vice versa. 

To manage the dispositions available to reps, Revenue admins can configure dispositions within the Revenue administrative console to ensure that reps have a comprehensive list of outcomes to choose from that properly reflect their values as positive, negative, and neutral. 

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Setting a Meeting Type for a Video Conversation

Specific to Video Conversations, a "Meeting Type" field is available for reps to designate the type of conversation being held over video. These values pull from the Meeting Type values set by your Salesforce administrators. 

When holding a video meeting, reps can select a meeting type from the available list in the dropdown to associate with the event activity linked to the video meeting. 


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Adding Meeting Notes for a Conversation

Lastly, reps can enter free-form notes into the notes field to log directly to Salesforce. The notes added here are automatically logged to the description field of the associated activity record. Once a rep has added the notes they wish to keep for the conversation they can select the "Save Note" button to log into Salesforce. 

Note that any subsequent updates to the notes field will require a rep to select the "Save Notes" button to update the value stored in Salesforce.

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