Account Settings: Integrations


To view and manage settings related to integrations (specifically Email/Calendar providers, Microsoft Teams and Salesforce), log into the Revenue Admin Console and click on the Integrations link in the left hand navigation.


Click on the Integrations nav menu to expand the nested options.
To navigate to the Email & Calendars page, select this link
On the "Email & Calendars" page, Admins can view remaining Calendar Booking licenses, enable or disable user access to Google and Microsoft in the account, and view a table of all users with currently-connected Google or Microsoft accounts. 

Click the "# Licenses Available" button displays the count of remaining Calendar Booking licenses available in your account. Click this button to navigate to the Licensing tab under Account settings. On the Licensing tab, you can request additional Calendar Booking user licenses, if needed.

Note: if 0 Calendar Booking licenses are available, this button will be colored red.

For customers using Microsoft Teams for Conversation AI, the Microsoft Teams link will be visible. On click, users are navigated to a management page for Microsoft Teams settings and user management.


To navigate to the Salesforce page, select this link.

On the Salesforce > General Settings tab, general account-level settings pertaining to Salesforce can be managed.

Click 👉 here for information on managing the Salesforce Connect user.

On the Salesforce > Fields tab, Salesforce fields can be managed for use in the RingDNA Communications Hub.

  • Click 👉 here for details on How to Use Custom Fields.
  • Click 👉 here for details on Managing Custom Fields associated with a Profile.

On the Salesforce > Related Records tab, the Related Records management table enables Admins to configure rules for displaying Related Records in the RingDNA Communications Hub.

Click 👉 here for details on managing Related Records settings.



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