Toll Free SMS Registration Requirements

Effective November 8 2023, all Toll-Free numbers must be verified before they can be used for sms messaging in the U.S. and Canada. As of that date, Toll-Free numbers will be blocked from messaging until they've been submitted for verification.

Toll-Free Message Verification for US/Canada

Toll-Free Verification is required for sending outbound SMS messages over Toll-Free phone numbers to US and Canadian subscribers.

These requirements are consistent with industry-wide, global moves to require registration for all A2P messaging traffic which enables a level of trust by verifying the identity and intent of the sender. Consumers are more likely to trust that a call or text is legitimate, increasing engagement.

Status Traffic Limits More Information

Not Submitted or Rejected

Traffic will be restricted and SMS messages won't be delivered.

Starting on November 8, 2023, ALL Restricted traffic will be blocked in the US.

Pending Verification

Sending Limits (not guaranteed)

Daily: 2,000 message segments

Weekly: 6,000 message segments

Monthly: 10,000 message segments

Once verification has been submitted to our Carrier Partners, your number(s) are moved into a Pending Verification status, which allows for daily sending volumes in the US, but subjects your traffic to tighter message filters while verification is processing.


3 SMS segments per second by default, but can be increased by request.

Upon a successful review of your verification submission and carrier approval, your verified numbers will have full access to A2P sending, and a greatly reduced risk for message filtering on Toll-Free traffic towards all major networks in the US and Canada, as long as you adhere to your stated use case and all applicable policies and regulations.

Verification Process

To begin the verification process, please contact our support team with the following information. Carrier approval will take approximately 1-2 weeks from submission.

Contact Support

Information Required Acceptance Criteria
Legal Business Name Provide your business name, as it appears on government and legal forms.
Website URL The website must be valid. If consent is captured from the individual to receive SMS via a form, please provide a direct link to the form if possible.
Estimated Outbound SMS Volume (Monthly) Please provide an estimate for the number of SMS sent within a period of one month.
Opt-in Type

How will consumers be opting in to receive SMS from these toll-free numbers?

  • Verbal
  • Web Form
  • Paper Form
  • Via Text (double opt-in)
  • Mobile/QR Code
Use Case Categories

Provide the category for your use case for these toll-free numbers.

  • Account Notifications
  • Charity/501(c)(3) Nonprofit
  • Customer Care
  • Delivery Notifications
  • Events
  • Higher Education
  • K-12
  • Marketing
Use Case Description

Describe the purpose of this SMS campaign and reason for reaching out to individuals using these toll-free numbers.

Opt-in workflow images

Attach any images that clearly show how an individual will opt-in to receiving SMS from these toll-free numbers. For example, if phone numbers are collected from a web form, provide an image of the form with opt-in/consent clause visible.

Message Content

Provide at least two examples of messages that would be sent from these toll-free numbers. If these messages are templated, include any merge values between brackets. For example: Hello [First Name]!

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