Video Conversations

What is a Video Conversation?

Within the Revenue Application, users who are leveraging Conversation AI can connect a Zoom or a Microsoft Teams account to make their team's recordings available for deep insights into their interactions over video conferencing.

What can I do with a Video Conversation?

Video Conversations provide a full picture of the context of a video conference by capturing audio and video from a recorded video meeting. 

Conversation Playback

Within a Video Conversation, users are presented with a modern audio playback experience where they can view the video captured from a conversation and any active screenshare, along with audio that presents insights into who were the active participants in the video meeting. Users can open the video associated with the conversation in full screen and are presented with a dynamic player that scales to view multiple participants in the meeting.

Related Salesforce Information

Activity Details

All conversations managed by have an associated Salesforce activity record based on the seamless integration that we have with Salesforce. Here, users can view relevant task records associated with the activity logged to Salesforce that the conversation is linked to. The fields listed are based on the configuration of activity fields by user profile within the revenue admin console. 

Related Record Details

If there is a Case, Account, Opportunity, or Campaign associated with the Salesforce event associated with the video meeting, users can quickly reference key information from that record from the conversation page. The fields presented are based on the configuration of fields for each respective object type by user profile within the revenue admin console. 


On the video conversation page is a list of all attendees and corresponding metrics. Associated with each individual is their longest talk streak, their talk ratio, and their sentiment. 

If an attendee has an associated Salesforce lead or contact record, a user can open a panel to see relevant Salesforce information associated with the record. The fields listed are based on the configuration of lead or contact fields by user profile within the revenue admin console. 



In addition to playing back a recording via the basic playback experience, users can take actions associated with conversations that they can access

  • Users can share conversations with other Revenue users to draw their attention to key conversations and specific points within them.
  • Users can add reviewers to a conversation to ensure that a conversation is reviewed by a Manager or a peer.
  • Users can add a conversation to a best practice library so that the conversation is available to others for coaching and to highlight key conversations to learn from.
  • Users can reprocess a conversation so that they can re-generate the transcript and metrics associated with the conversation.
  • Users can download call recordings as a quick means to share conversations with other members of their team.
  • If a user has an administration license can delete recordings to manually get rid of the individual call recording.

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