Enabling Revenue Intelligence Features

How to Enable Revenue Intelligence for Your Account

The Revenue.io Opportunity and X-Ray pages requires enabling our Enhanced Salesforce Analytics integration for your account. To enable this functionality You can either let your assigned Customer Success Manager know that this is something you are interested in or email support@revenue.io asking to have this enabled.

How to Enable Revenue Intelligence for a User

Prerequisite: Users must have a Conversation AI license.

Once you have enabled Enhanced Analytics for your account, you must enable your users with the ability to view Revenue Intelligence Features in the revenue application. By default, when an account or a user does not have revenue intelligence enabled, they will see this default screen.


Within the Revenue application, users with Manager permissions can navigate to the user management page within the Revenue application to enable users with revenue intelligence visibility.

When on the user management page, you will see a list of users within your Revenue account. 

Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 10.15.27 AM.png

Search for users you want to enable by name or select a user from the list. When you have found the user that you wish to update, select the edit option by selecting the three dots in line with the user.

Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 10.11.27 AM.png

On selection of the edit option, you will be presented with a modal that allows you to manage settings and preferences for the individual user. By default, you will see the "View Revenue Intelligence" setting disabled for a user. 

Once you enable the setting and save the user, the user will be able to access our opportunity and X--X-Ray pages 





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