Guided Selling November 2023 Release Notes

The Guided Selling by November 2023 release (v. 9.0) is now available for installation. Below, please find implementation steps, a list of new features, and links to new Support articles. 

SANDBOX TESTING REQUIRED - All installation of Guided Selling requires sandbox testing to ensure compatibility with all of your core workflows and business-critical steps that have been customized in Salesforce.

Implementation Steps

New implementation steps in v 9.0:

When upgrading from some older versions of Guided Selling, we've observed instances where trigger settings may default all objects on. Some organizations choose to disable certain triggers to reduce the number of concurrent batch jobs and triggers running in the background. As a best practice, we recommend enabling triggers for objects you have Sequences created for.

If your organization contains many Campaign and Campaign Member records and Campaign sequences are not being used, we strongly recommend disabling the Campaign and Campaign triggers for performance purposes.

  1. Navigate to the Guided Selling App | Settings | Triggers
  2. Validate your list of enabled triggers. For instance, if you are not running any Campaign Sequences, consider disabling Campaign and Campaign Member.

Some organizations have reported that actions vanish or disappear from Engage immediately after upgrading. If you encounter this issue, follow the steps provided in the article linked here:
Manually Run Sequence Associations Backfill Batch

If upgrading from Guided Selling earlier than v. 9.0, you will also need to include the following implementation steps:

  1. Click the “Set Batch Owner ” button on the Sequence Settings>Batches page. This will initiate new Apex Jobs and ensure they are owned by your user.   
  2. Navigate to the Users section on Sequence Settings and click “Grant All Permissions ” to ensure the Guided Selling Standard Object Permissions is current based on your Sequences Entrance and Exit criteria.
  3. Change Custom Setting RTE Settings "Use Deprecated" to false in the Salesforce setup. RTE_Settings.png
  4. Update the new Guided Selling Error Email custom setting to specify which email addresses you want Guided Selling errors to be emailed to. By default, the Setting will be configured with the user who clicks the Set Batch Owner button (step 1 above).Error_Email_Setting.png
  5. Create a New Remote Site Setting. Go to SetupRemote Site Settings. Open the one named "Revenue". Clone it. Update name to Revenue_Enhanced. Change URL to Save.

If upgrading from Guided Selling earlier than v. 6.53, you will also need to include the following implementation steps: 

  1. Delete rdnacadence__Unique_Id__c from Participant Sequence History object. This is a legacy field that is deprecated, though if left in an org it will cause issues in future upgrades.
  2. This version of Guided Selling will enable posting an email activity for any email replies to Sequence emails. As a result, it's recommended that you shut off any automation for forwarding Guided Selling email replies to Salesforce. 
  3. Replace the legacy Template Edited field on the Participant Action object. 
    1. Update the page layout for the Participant Action to include the unused "Template Edited" field and remove the legacy one currently on the page layout.  
    2. Delete the legacy Template Edited field from the Participant Action (must be done on Salesforce Classic)
  4. Disable legacy Process Builders:
    1. Rollup Field on Participants(Email Replied)
    2. Rollup Field on Participants(Email Sent)
    3. Rollup Field on Participants(Email opened)
    4. Rollup Field on Participants(Is Deferred)
    5. Rollup Field on Participants(Is Performed)


Configurable Columns on Engage

What’s New?

We are providing Guided Selling reps the ability to configure what columns they want to see within Engage.

Why Was This Built?

The goal of Engage is to enable users to do more from a single-pane view. By including more contextual information and expanding the configurability of the Engage view, reps are able to execute all Guided Selling activities with reduced need to load further Salesforce pages. 

How Does It Work?

Each user can configure their Engage view to add additional columns, filters, and sort values to optimize the list for their needs. Clicking on individual rows will open a side panel with additional information on the Participant Action module.  

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View additional participant information from Engage

What’s New?

Guided Selling users can click on a participant from Engage to open a panel that highlights information about them. There they can see additional record information and a detailed view of recent and future actions associated with the sequence they are in. 

Why Was This Built?

By allowing users to view additional information without leaving engage, they can see rich engagement history without needing to leave engage and know the previous actions that have been performed to get the participant to their current state. 

How Does It Work?

On click of the progress bar, users are presented with a panel with information about the sequence that the user is in, related stats, and the outcomes of previous actions. This is the same information that users can view on individual leads and contacts within the guided selling contact module. 

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View Ineligible Sequences

What’s New?

In addition to seeing which Sequences a record can be added to, users can now view which Sequence is ineligible for entry along with the reason the record does not qualify.  

Why Was This Built?

While building Sequences using Entrance and Exit criteria can be a powerful way to ensure the right records can only be added to the right Sequence, sometimes it can cause confusion for users as their unaware of why a Sequence doesn’t show available for entry.  

How Does It Work?

On the Participant Module found on the Lead and Contact page, users can scroll to see a list of all Sequences the Participant is ineligible for entry and a reason why. 

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Additional Items

Email editor updates

  • Fix for Font and Formatting issues when inserting Snippets into emails 
  • Fix for Editor Format Controls not Showing on Action Builder

Processing and Logic

  • Records owned by Inactive users can now continue to be processed 
  • Email threading fixed when using merge fields in the email subject line
  • Guided Selling email Tasks now logged with the Email subtype  
  • Changes to ownership of Participants in Campaign Sequences will now delegate to Guided Selling actions  

Engage Updates

  • Fix for domestic timezone detection when a Country Code is included in a phone number 

General UX

  • UX improvement on Entrance Criteria when using the “Includes” operator 
  • All Guided Selling custom settings are consolidated into one setting Custom Settings

Components Introduced

  • Default Tiny MCE
  • fflib_SObjectUnitOfWork
  • fflib_ISObjectUnitOfWork
  • fflib_IUnitOfWorkFactory

Affected Verticals

  • Lead
  • Contact
  • OpportunityContactRole
  • CampaignMember
  • Sequence
  • Sequence_Settings
  • Sequence_Builder
  • Email 
  • RTE 

Patch versions

The following are iterative versions of the v9.0 package with feature updates, bug fixes, and other general updates. Note, you do not need to complete the implementation steps again to install patches if you have already installed a version of the v9.0 package. 

Version 9.0.7 (Latest)

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed in version 9.0.7:

  • Fix preview email ui issue

Version 9.0.4

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed in version 9.0.4:

  • Fix Text Editor ui issue 
  • Repopulate overview module when action is performed 
  • Disable Papertrail daily and reduce logs 

Version 9.0.3

Feature Updates

Simplify UX of Right Panel on Engage - We have updated the behavior of Engage and the sequence detail panel that provides additional context of where a participant is within a sequence. Now when a user attempts to execute an action from Engage, they will be presented with a horizontal panel with additional information. When a user selects the progress column if they have configured it to be visible on Engage they can open the sequence detail panel for additional information. No longer does a user need to perform actions directly from the panel itself. 

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed in version 9.0.3:

  • Help Link on Sequence Settings Tab Leads to Broken Page
  • Users receiving an "Oops, Something went wrong error" when clearing field criteria
  • Pagination with filters may showing a user no participants/actions even when they exist
  • Clicking Send on email action sends an email but does not inform the user email was sent


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