User List Is Blank or Missing Users


When a Guided Selling Administrator navigates to the User's tab in Sequence Settings, the list of users displays as blank or there are missing users.

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  • Users do not have a Guided Selling license enabled in the Admin Console.
  • The sandbox was recently refreshed from a Production Salesforce org. The Production API key won't work in the Sandbox. 
  • An affected user's Salesforce ID is invalid, resulting in a mismatch in Guided Selling.


  1. Ensure your users have a Guided Selling license enabled. Only users with the Guided Selling license toggle enabled will display in the user list. See Viewing licenses associated with an individual user.
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  2. If you recently refreshed your sandbox or you are configuring Guided Selling in a Production or Sandbox environment for the first time, you will need to set up your API credentials in the app.
    • Contact Support or your Implementation Manager with your Salesforce Organization ID requesting an API Key and Secret Key. API Credentials will be unique to the Org and environment.
    • Navigate to the Guided Selling app from the Salesforce App Launcher → click Settings on the top navigation menu → Click Setup in the left navigation menu.
    • Add the API Key and API Secret provided in your communication to the corresponding fields. Double-check that there are no spaces mistakenly added at the beginning and end.
      • If you don’t have the option to add an API Key and Secret, click the Reset API Credentials.
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  3. If a user has been added to ringDNA with an invalid Salesforce User ID, the user list will not load the mismatched user and the Chrome console log will display an error: Visualforce Remoting Exception: Invalid id
    • Open Chrome's Console in DevTools. For instructions see: Capturing Console Logs in Chrome
    • Identify the incorrect Salesforce User ID by the console error
      Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 2.23.24 PM.png
    • Contact Support with this error with the name of the user affected and their correct Salesforce User ID. Our team will assist you with updating the user's ID to the correct value.
      • If the issue is blocking a production environment, you can find the user in the Admin Console by searching the invalid Salesforce ID and temporarily disabling their Guided selling license. This will allow the user list to load correctly until the mismatch is resolved.

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