Transfer Call: Recent Transfers

For agents that routinely transfer calls to the same transfer recipients, the "Recent Transfers" feature is a time-saver. No longer will agents need to type in the name of the transfer recipient in the "Transfer Call" window over and over; The 5 most recently transferred-to users, call queues, call flows, and favorites will automatically appear on screen for easy selection. 

To use the Recent Transfers feature, follow the below steps.


1. While on a live call, click the "Transfer" button.

2. On the "Transfer Call" window, the "Recent Transfers" table is visible in the middle.

In descending order, your 5 most recent transfer recipients appear here (with the most recent transfer recipient appearing at the top). 

Note: On initial release of "Recent Transfers" (or if you are new to RingDNA Communications Hub), this table will appear empty at first. Once you have completed call transfers, names will populate in the table.

3. To transfer a call to a recent transfer recipient, simply click their name in the table.
4. After clicking a name in the table, the name will be highlighted in grey. To complete the transfer to this recipient, click either of the "Warm Transfer" or "Transfer and Leave" buttons.


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