Using Date/Timestamp Formula Fields in Sequence Criteria

Getting Started  

To enable date/time entrance criteria fields in Lead and Contact Sequences, update the Custom Setting to initiate a new Apex job.  

    1. Go to Custom Settings
    2. Click Manage for Guided Selling Dynamic Date Matching
    3. Update either Daily or Hourly settings depending on how frequently you want the job to run. 
    4. Click Set Batch Owner button on the Sequence Settings>Batches page to initiate the scheduled APEX job 

Adding Date/time Formula Fields 

Any new custom fields will need to be added to the Guided Selling field sets before adding to a Sequence Criteria. 

Once added, use the field as you would any other on Entrance and Exit Criteria.  

Note when using date fields: Operators such as "Previous", you will also need to include "Current" if you want the operator to include the current day as shown below.  


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