Moments™ Reports: Conversation Conversion


With Moments™, reps are provided tools to drive the likelihood of a positive conversation outcome. Be it relevant information to best address a question in a conversation, behavioral nudges, compliance prompts, or checklists to gather relevant information, they are armed to drive the best conversation possible. This dashboard seeks to clearly highlight your conversation conversion funnel and to highlight the impact that Moments™ has on your outcomes. 

What insights can I draw from the report?

You can leverage the Checklist Adherence dashboard to get insights into:

  1. A clear representation of the volume of calls that lead to a conversation and then a positive outcome. 
  2. The impact of Moments™ on a positive outcome.
  3. Insights into your best reps are achieving conversation outcomes and how Moments™ are helping them. 

What is included in the report?

In the dashboard, we provide a series of statistic cards and funnels to track the linear conversion of the number of conversations, to conversations that last at least 3 minutes, to the number of positive conversation outcomes. This gives us insight into how effective we are with or without moments to get to a positive outcome based on the volume of conversations managed by teams. 

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Statistic Cards

  • Total Calls
  • Total Conversations
  • Conversation Rate
  • Total Positive Outcomes
  • Positive Outcome Rate without Moments
  • Positive Outcome Reate with Moments


  • What is the conversation funnel across all conversations?
  • What is the conversation funnel for Moments-powered conversations?
  • What reps are driving the highest conversion results?

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