Moments™ Reports: Interactions


Moments™ provides the ability to serve relevant information to a rep based on the situational context of a conversation. The question is, are they using that information? This dashboard provides insight into how reps are engaging with notifications triggered based on the inclusion of a phrase, time, or conversation etiquette behavior. 

What insights can I draw from the report?

You can leverage the Interaction dashboard to get insights into

  1. How useful specific notifications are to your team - Leverage the overall stat metrics and the agent comparison chart to understand what reps are getting the most out of the notifications you provide them.
  2. Track trends in engagement with notifications over time - Use the notification engagement over time chart to see if engagement is increasing of decreasing.
  3. The effectiveness of individual notifications - Use the engagement by notification chart to see what notifications are getting the highest rate of engagement. 

What is included in the report?

The dashboard contains a dynamic list of statistic cards and charts that highlight a full spectrum of insights into how reps are interacting with notifications that are based on an included phrase, time, or conversation etiquette behavior.

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Statistic Cards

  • Notifications Triggered - The total number of notifications triggered for the selected time period or applied filters. 
  • Manually Completed - The percentage of notifications where a rep marked the notification as completed via the "Done" option within a notification.
  • Closed - The percentage of time when a rep manually closed the notification via the "X" option within the notification card. 
  • No Engagement - The percentage of time when a notification was triggered and a user did not manually mark it as done or close it. These notifications would have been visible to the user during the conversation but not dismissed. 


  • What is the trend of interactions over time? - A time series chart that stacks the percentage of engagement of notifications over time. 
  • What is the interaction engagement per agent? - A chart that highlights the engagement rates of each rep within the applied filters. 
  • What is the interaction engagement per notification? - A table that highlights engagement stats on an individual notification basis. 

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