Microsoft Teams Bot Troubleshooting

Users may encounter a message in Microsoft Teams that states meeting options are unavailable or that the Revenue Recorder Bot encountered an error.

Example Errors:

Example_1.png Seen during a Microsoft Teams meeting.
Example_2.png Seen when interacting with the Microsoft Teams bot settings.



Most issues are resolved by simply restarting the Microsoft Teams app. When closing Teams, the default behavior is to only minimize the application. Follow the steps below to ensure you have fully restarted the app.

Windows 10/11: 

  1. Find the Teams icon in the bottom-right of your task bar.
  2. Right click the icon
  3. Click Quit
  4. Start Microsoft Teams again


  1. With Microsoft Teams open, click the menu-bar item at the top of your screen
  2. Click Quit Microsoft Teams or press Command + Q on your keyboard
  3. Start Microsoft Teams again



Contacting Support

If you are still encountering connectivity problems with the Microsoft Teams bot or don't see that your meetings are logging, please reach out to our Support Team with the following information:

  • Approximate Date/Time of your meeting and when the issue was encountered.
  • Screenshots of the error or a description of the issue.
  • If the issue was encountered during a meeting, please include the Teams meeting link.
    • This link will include your meeting UUID which will help us identify your meeting in our system.


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