Sequence Re-Entry

When building an Automatic Sequence, one can choose to allow participants to re-enter the same Sequence more than once. Reminder: when using email actions in the Sequence, this can result in the same email content being sent to a participant more than once.   

Enabling Re-Entry Per Sequence 

In the Sequence Details section of the Sequence Builder, toggle Enable Sequence Entry to On. This option only appears when working with an Automatic Sequence.  



Conditions Where a Participant Will Re-Enter

Participants will only return to a Sequence when the following conditions are met: 

  • The Sequence is Automatic
  • The Sequence has re-entry enabled 
  • The Participant completed every action in the Sequence 
    • Participants manually removed from a Sequence will not be re-added since they likely still match Entrance Criteria (this prevents unintentional repeat messaging to the Participant) 
  • The Participant still matches the Entrance Criteria 
  • The Participant does not match the Exit Criteria  

Conditions Where a Participant Will Not Re-Enter

Participants will not return to a Sequence if: 

  • The Sequence is Manual 
  • The Sequence is Automatic but re-entry is not enabled 
  • The Participant exited the Sequence prior to completing all Sequence Actions 
  • The Participant no longer matches the Entrance Criteria 
  • The Participant matches the Exit Criteria  

If any of the above is true and you want the Participant to re-enter the same cadence, it's best practice to Clone the Sequence, give the Clone a new name (such as prepended with Second Attempt) and add the participants to the new Clone. This will ensure no repeat messaging is ever sent to a Participant. 

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