ringDNA for Salesforce Release Notes v. 1.87

ringDNA for Salesforce  v. 1.87 is now available for installation. If upgrading from v1.60 or v.1.64, no further implementation steps are required. 


Included in this Upgrade  

  • New fields to support WhoIDs and WhatIDs on Conversation record thus enabling Conversation Dashboards and Reports directly tied their related records  
    • Lookup fields to related Salesforce record
      • Lead
      • Contact
      • Account
      • Opportunity
      • Campaign 
    • Name field—a formula that pulls Contact or Lead name (WhoID)  
    • Relates To field—a formula that pulls Account, Opportunity, or Campaign field (WhatID) 
  • Conversation-based Dashboards and Reports with Conversation records related directly to their Salesforce records without Activity records (previous reports were Activity reports that related to Conversations and related Salesforce records
    • New Reports Folder titled "Revenue.io Reports (Conversation)
    • New Dashboards Folder titled "Revenue.io Dashboards)   

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