Email Template Editor Best Practices

When creating Email Actions and Snippets in Guided Selling, the Rich Text Editor (Also called a WYSIWYG Editor) is used to craft the messaging and design of emails that are sent from Guided Selling.

Included below are notable best practices to ensure you are getting the most out Guided Selling when creating your messaging strategy.

Text Formatting

When working in any Rich Text Editor, it's strongly recommended to perform formatting updates within the editor itself.

  • Avoid Copy/Pasting from outside sources, which could introduce unwanted formatting/styling.
  • If you are pasting from a website, online document, or external editor, it's recommended to paste without formatting and then update the styling within the editor.
    • Windows: Ctrl + Shift + V
    • Mac: Cmd + Shift + V

Dynamic Links using Merge Fields

Formatting With Tables

Tables are the backbone of all HTML email templates. They are a powerful tool for aligning content, like pictures and social media icons in an email signature.

Adding Tables

Click on the Table icon


Select the amount of rows to insert
With the table selected, click the Table icon again and choose Table Properties.


Modifying Table Properties

Here you can manage attributes of the table. TIP: To make the table's grid invisible, set the border width to 0px. You can also change cell padding and table width/height here.


To insert images into a table, click into a cell and select the insert image icon.



Nested Tables

By nesting tables within other tables, you can create more complex layouts for your email templates and snippets.



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