Self-Service Upgrade Troubleshooting

If you completed the self-service upgrade for Guided Selling in a Sandbox and find that you can't proceed in Production, it could be due to one or more system checks that could not be updated successfully.

This article will walk you through the steps to verify your Sandbox is configured correctly to support a self-service upgrade.


Verify that “Production Org ID” Custom Setting is populated in Sandbox and Production.

If the sandbox was created before the Guided Selling app installed & or the sandbox was not refreshed from production, this can cause the field to be blank. If the field is blank you will be unable to self-service upgrade Guided Selling.

Setup → Custom Code → Custom Settings → Production Org ID → Populate Org ID & Save.

Verify the last Core Flow Test has the “Tests Complete” Field is checked

After the upgrade, Guided Selling will perform automated bulk tests to identify any problems with the installation. The results of these tests are recorded in a Core Flow Tests record. If the update to this record fails and "Tests Complete" is not checked, the sandbox will not be able to report successful testing back to the production environment. Typically this is not a sign of a larger issue, but rather a Salesforce permission or automation issue with the object in the Salesforce Org.

If you are still unable to upgrade

Please contact our Support Team and Grant Salesforce Login Access to your Sandbox and Production Salesforce Orgs to allow us access to troubleshoot further.

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