Enable User Recording Controls

There may be situations which necessitate the need to pause the recording of a live call. By enabling the option for users to start, stop, and resume recordings, users are able protect an individual's privacy and prevent sensitive information from being captured in the recording.

  1. Ensure that Call Recording is enabled on the Account or Team level to use this feature.
  2. Go to the Admin Console and navigate to Call Recordings under the RingDNA Dialer product.
  3. Switch to the Advanced tab and change the setting allow your users to start, stop, and resume recordings from No (Default) to either of the following options:
    • Start Recording Manually: Recording does not start by default and user can start recording manually.
    • Start Recording Automatically: Recording will start automatically and user has the option to pause the recording.



How to Start, Pause and, Resume Recordings

  1. Check the Call Status bar to see the current recording status.
  2. Click the red icon to toggle recording status.
  3. Click the icon again to revert recording status.


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