Admin User Capabilities

What is an Admin?

An Admin is a user who has Administrative permissions in the product suite. This generally means that they have permission to adjust account-level settings for all users in the account. For example, Admin users can manage Account-wide settings such as Call Recording controls or request product Licenses. See the "What permissions do Admins have?" section below for specific details and links to related articles.


How do I enable Admin rights for a user?

First, you must have one or more "Remaining" Admin User licenses in your account:


To enable an Admin User license for a user, the Administration license toggle must be enabled (turned ON) for a user in the Admin Console. Browse to the User Settings page and toggle "ON" the "Administration" license for the user. Then click "Save":



What permissions do Admins have?

Below is a list of the Admin Console navigation options and the corresponding access granted to Admin users:


ACCOUNT (This nav grouping is visible only to Admins)

Account Details

  • Overview - Admins can view, change specific Account-level settings. See the following articles for details: Deleting Customer Data, Managing Locations
  • Salesforce - Admins can view, change Salesforce-related settings and view, change, reorder, and add Custom fields for the RingDNA Communications Hub. (See How to Use Custom Fields)
  • Licensing - Admins can view, change settings and submit new product License requests. (See Licensing Overview, Requesting Licenses)
  • Logs - Admins can view change logs. See articles here.
  • Integrations
    • Admins can allow or prohibit all users in their account from connecting their Gmail and Microsoft/Exchange email/calendar accounts.
    • Admins can remove individual users' connected email/calendar accounts.




  • Profiles link is visible only to Admins.
  • Admins can view, change fields available in RingDNA based on SFDC Profile association.
  • For details on Profiles, see articles here.

Customer Data

  • Customer Data link is visible only to Admins who have the "Manage Customer Data" toggle enabled.
  • Admins can delete calls and messages associated with a record that are stored by (See Deleting Customer Data)

Reports - Admins have access to all available reports in the Admin Console. (Note: Team Supervisors who aren't Admins have access to a subset of the Reports.)



RingDNA (the nested links under RingDNA are visible only to Admin users) 

  • RingDNA Settings - Admins can view, change general settings for the RingDNA Communications Hub. (See Manage General RingDNA Dialer Settings)
  • Call Routing
    • Call Flows - Admins can view, modify and create Call Flows (See Call Flow Overview)
    • Call Queues - Admins can view, modify and create Call Queues (See Call Queue Overview)
    • Holiday Calendar - Admins can view, modify and create Holiday Calendars (See Managing Holiday Schedules)
    • User Skills - Admins can add and update User Skills in the account. 
  • Call Recording - Admins can view, change account-level settings related to call recording. (See articles here for details.)
  • Smart Numbers - Admins can view all Smart Numbers in the account. (See Smart Numbers)
  • Blocked Numbers - Admins can view, manage blocked numbers in the account (See Managing Blocked Numbers for RingDNA)

Conversation AI - If Admin user has a Conversation AI user license, then clicks on this link will navigate them to the CAI product page. (See Getting started with Conversation AI)

Moments - If Admin user has a Moments™ user license, then clicks on this link will navigate them to the Moments™ console where they can view and create Moments™ Notifications for any Moments™-licensed user in their account. (See Moments™ User Licenses for more details)

RingDNA Live - There are no Admin-only settings or behaviors in the RingDNA Live dashboard. If an Admin is the Supervisor of a Team(s), then they will see their Team Members on the RingDNA Live dashboard. (See RingDNA Live Overview)

Calendar Booking - There are no Admin-only settings or behaviors in the Calendar Booking product. If an Admin has a Calendar Booking user license, then clicks on this link will navigate them to their user's Calendar Booking management page. (See Calendar Booking)

Call Tracking

  • Call Tracking nav grouping is visible only to Admins.
  • Admins can view, manage Call Tracking settings. See articles here for further details. 


User Licenses

On each User Settings page (see screenshot below) is a section labeled "License". This section is only visible to Admin users. Admins can enable or disable product licenses for any user in their account. Individual users who do not have an Administration license enabled will NOT see this section and thus cannot enable or disable licenses for themselves or other users.







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