Quickstart Guide for Sales Users

Install the RingDNA Communications Hub

  1. Navigate to the RingDNA extension page on the Chrome Webstore.

  2. Click Add to Chrome to install the extension into your browser.

  3. Once the extension is installed, click the"puzzle piece" iconin the upper right corner of the Chrome browser to display the list of extensions.

  4. In the menu of extensions, click the pushpin iconnext to the Dialer icon to pin the extension so it is always visible for use.

Log in to Revenue.io

  1. Click on the extension icon in the upper right corner of the Chrome Browser. 
  2. Click Log in then enter your Salesforce user name and password to log in to Revenue.io.


Enable Call Forwarding

Revenue.io's Call Forwarding feature makes it easy for reps to benefit from the data and call controls of the RingDNA while making and taking calls from any device.

To enable Call Forwarding in RingDNA, first click Settings


  • From the General Settings menu, click into the Call Forwarding dropdown and select Add New
  • Give your Call Forwarding number a Name (e.g. "Cell Phone")
  • Enter in the phone number that you would like to forward your calls to and click Verify
  • An automated call will be placed to the number you entered. Follow the instructions on the call to complete the Verification process.
  • Click Save to enable Call Forwarding to that device.


Enable Stay Connected

You can improve efficiency with call forwarding by enabling Stay Connected.

Stay Connected keeps Revenue.io's connection to your forwarding device alive and eliminates the need for Revenue.io to call users forwarding devices when making outbound calls.


Record a Custom Greeting

Revenue.io enables you to record multiple inbound voicemail greetings, known as a Custom Greeting.

If multiple Custom Greetings are recorded users can select which greeting will be played before inbound callers leave a message. 

To Record a Custom Greeting:

  1. Click Settings
  2. Select the Custom Greeting tab
  3. Click the Add Custom Greeting button
  4. Click Record to record your greeting
  5. Use the Play button to preview your recording
  6. Enter a name for your Voicemail Greeting in the Label field
  7. Click Save

Make a Call in the RingDNA

There are several ways to make calls in the RingDNA. Four common ways are:

1.Click to call any phone number in Salesforce when the Revenue.io icon is displayed next to it.


2. Use Click to call to dial any phone number displayed on a webpage, web app, or email.


3.Select the Contacts icon in the Intelligent RingDNA to search for Contacts, colleagues, or companies.

4. Click on the Call History icon in the RingDNA and click on any phone number to dial it.


Enter Contextual Call Data like Call Notes and Dispositions in Realtime

Click on the Call Tools icon to enter Call Notes during or after a call. These Notes will automatically be posted to the Call's Task in the Comments field in Salesforce.

Leave a Disposition to indicate the general outcome of your call. The Disposition will automatically be posted to the Disposition field of the call's Task in Salesforce. 

Activity Feed

As you place calls and send email, Revenue.io's Activity feed provides a history of your Salesforce Activities associated with a record that can be used for contextual reference.

Activity feed will display past Call and Email Tasks, as well as relevant Chatter Posts, made on the record's page in Salesforce.


Manage Salesforce Tasks in RingDNA

For teams that use Salesforce Tasks, Revenue.io offers a variety of management features that can radically boost task-based productivity without having to switch back and forth between Salesforce and the RingDNA, including:

  • Create Tasks from the RingDNA
  • Update Tasks from the RingDNA
  • View Open Tasks
  • Change a Task’s Due Date
  • Edit a Task
  • Close Out a Task

Check out How to Use Revenue.io with Salesforce Tasks to see how to manage Salesforce tasks right from your dialer.


Call Reports

In order to help provide you with an optimal experience, we encourage you to submit a call report if you experience any issues.

Step 1: On the call's page in RingDNA click Report this call

Step 2: Rate the call by clicking on the start icon under the Rating heading. 

Step 3: Click Category and choose the option in the drop-down menu that best categorizes your issue.

Step 4: To provide additional context briefly describe the issue you experienced in the Note field. Then click Send to submit your call report to our Support team.

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