Understanding Caller ID

What is Caller ID?

Caller Name Delivery (CNAM) is used by carriers in the United States and Canada to provide the name identification of the calling party. If you have seen the name of a business display when receiving a call, you are seeing the CNAM, also referred to as a Caller ID.

By default, RingDNA SmartNumbers are not configured with a Caller ID. If an incorrect caller ID is being displayed, please contact our Support team.


Setting up your Company's Caller ID

A ringDNA Administrator can request to configure some or all of their ringDNA Smart Numbers with a Caller ID.
Please contact our Support team with the following information:

  • List of numbers which should be configured with the Caller ID
  • Text string which should be displayed (limited to 15 characters including spaces)

Carrier Limitations to be aware of

1. Revenue.io and our Carrier Partner can't guarantee that a Caller ID is displayed. This is the responsibility of the terminating carrier (number being called) which must also support CNAM functionality. Some carriers either do not support this functionality, do not frequently update their databases, or maintain their own Caller ID database. 

2. In Canada, Caller ID is passed to the terminating carrier via a SIP Header and is displayed if the terminating carrier supports CNAM. Some routes in service with Canadian carriers rely on legacy hardware which do not support the passthrough of SIP headers.

3. Toll free numbers cannot be configured with an Outbound Caller ID.

4. Configuring a Caller ID will not overwrite any "Spam Likely" designation a number has. However it may reduce the chance of your numbers being flagged as spam by making them more recognizable.
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