Error Notifications in Guided Selling (v8.19+)

As a managed package within your Salesforce org, Guided Selling triggers are frequently invoked during both Guided Selling and non-Guided Selling operations. 

To ensure your critical Salesforce operations are not impacted by Guided Selling errors, any Salesforce transaction will be allowed while Guided Selling operations may stall. By default, both the configured Guided Selling administrator (see below) and the running user will be notified of the error via email.  

Follow-up steps can be found in the error email. Typically, errors can be resolved by Salesforce Administrators (such as the case with Permission changes). If the Administrator is uncertain how to resolve the issue, the email can be forwarded to  

Configuring Guided Selling Error Email Recipients 

Use the following steps to configure which users will receive email notifications of any Guided Selling error. 

  1. Go to Salesforce Setup
  2. Go to Custom Settings
  3. Click Manage for the Guided Selling Error Emails setting 
  4. Click the Edit button 
  5. Add any email addresses for recipients to the Recipient Email Address field. You may add more than one address using comma separators (no space required).  

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