Revenue Intelligence: Forecasts

What is the Forecast Page?

The Forecast Revenue Intelligence page enables Sales Leaders to view the performance of their fiscal period to date, in addition to viewing an AI Projection that predicts the ending performance for a fiscal period based on the performance trajectory of opportunities tied to a fiscal period.

The enablement of Enhanced Analytics is necessary for the functionality of Forecasts.

The forecast page provides Sales Leaders with insight into the current and predicted performance of a fiscal period so that they can influence and steer the direction of the fiscal period's performance by focusing on key opportunities linked to the fiscal period. In addition, unlike Salesforce, which only provides performance to date, the Forecast page shows the performance over time to help Sales Leaders better understand trends and patterns within a period that impact the overall outcome of a fiscal period.



How does the AI forecast work?

By evaluating and aggregating each opportunity within a fiscal period, generates an AI Projection which updates daily based on pipeline activity. looks at your daily opportunity snapshots and analyzes how they evolve over time. also looks at the associated tasks and events to understand what happens on opportunities you win and what happens on opportunities you lose. As time goes on, the system will be exposed to more activities and opportunities, and the AI forecast will become more accurate. Understanding your company's end-of-quarter dynamics typically needs a quarter of data.


How is the pipeline chart generated?

After the day's opportunity snapshot is stored, RevenueIO adds the amounts from every opportunity set to close in the current fiscal quarter. These amounts are grouped by forecast category. They can be filtered by opportunity type, user, or team.


When is an opportunity in the quarter?

An opportunity is in the quarter if its close date is within the current fiscal quarter. This keeps your forecast dashboard focused on everything that can close this quarter. When opportunities are pulled into the quarter, the total height of the bars will increase. When opportunities are lost or pushed out of the quarter, the total height of the bars will decrease.


How does pull my opportunity data?

Every day our servers will pull down a snapshot of every opportunity that has been modified in the last 93 days (every opportunity touched in the quarter is included every day).


How does know my fiscal quarters?

We pull fiscal quarters from the Salesforce Period Object. These periods are generated in Salesforce based on your fiscal year.


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