Porting In Numbers

Revenue.io enables you to transfer your existing phone numbers from your current service providers to become RingDNA numbers. This process is known as porting. The following guide will walk you through the porting process and reveal some best practices.

How to Submit a Porting Request

You will need to provide us with three things in order to get started porting your phone numbers.

  1. Fill out a letter of authorization that lists the phone numbers that you wish to port to RingDNA. Here is a link to our letter of authorization form.
  2. Provide us with a copy of your most recent phone bill (it must be within the last 30 days) that proves ownership of these numbers.
  3. Attach an Excel CSV file with two columns. In the first column, please include every phone number you want to port. Next to each number, in the next column, put the RingDNA call flow you want to associate your smart number with. This will enable us to pre-configure routing rules for you. Note: Don't yet have any call flows set up? Check out our article Call Flow Overview

You're all set! Now just email your request to our support team. (support@revenue.io)


Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does it Take to Port Phone Numbers?

As quickly as one week, with an average of 4-6 weeks. The amount of time it takes to port numbers will vary depending upon your current provider and the amount of phone numbers that you've requested to be ported to RingDNA. In general, large national carriers tend to release phone numbers more quickly than small regional carriers. NOTE: do not cancel service with your current provider until you've received confirmation from RingDNA that your porting requests have been fulfilled. 

Pre-configuring Numbers

Though we can't predict the exact date your numbers will port to RingDNA, we can pre-configure your numbers in advance so that incoming calls will route to the appropriate place when porting is completed.

Note: Your numbers will show up in your account, but they are not active until the porting is complete. Until the porting is complete the calls will be handled by your previous carrier.

What Can You Do to Expedite the Porting Process?

Here are some tips to help expedite the process.

  1. Call your current provider and ask that the phone numbers be released. This has sped up the process in select cases. If you do so, make certain you ask to speak to the porting department or a porting specialist.
  2. Make sure that the information you are submitting is exactly what your current phone carrier has on file. We recommend contacting your current carrier to confirm which billing name and address should be included in your letter of authorization.
  3. You might want to call them in advance to verify the information before submitting a porting request to RingDNA.
  4. As a general rule, it's quicker and easier to port smaller batches of numbers than one large batch. Therefore, don't exceed 50 numbers per document in your porting request.

Can RingDNA port phone numbers from any U.S. state?

At the moment, ringDNA is able to port most phone numbers from every state except Hawaii or Alaska. 

Can RingDNA port international phone numbers?

RingDNA can port some international phone numbers. Please contact ringDNA support for more info.

Toll Free numbers are designed to be used for inbound voice calls and are reachable only in the country they are designated for. The exception is US Toll Free numbers which can be reached from Canada and includes SMS capabilities

Porting Non-Traditional Phone Numbers

There is a good chance that RingDNA can port nontraditional numbers such as Google Voice, Skype or other VoIP numbers. In some circumstances, numbers that otherwise meet the porting criteria could be rejected. A RingDNA team member will advise you on possible next steps if this issue occurs.

How Much Does it Cost to Port Phone Numbers to RingDNA?

Porting phone numbers to RingDNA is free in most cases.

Who owns the phone numbers once they are ported to RingDNA?

You do. They will appear in your RingDNA account, but you can port them to another carrier at any time.

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