Self-Service Upgrade for Guided Selling

Administrators are notified in Salesforce when a new version of Guided Selling is made available. Each upgrade can be accessed from the Guided Selling Sequence Settings > System Update page. This article will walk through how to perform a self-service upgrade. 


Check for Updates

When viewing the System Update page, your current version of Guided Selling will be displayed in the top right. Pending updates are displayed in the center of the page with a summary of the release notes.




Install in Sandbox

  • To begin the update, click the Start Upgrade button. Then click the Sandbox Install URL and log into Salesforce using your Sandbox credentials.
  • After installing the package, Navigate to Setup > Custom Settings and ensure that Production Org id is populated with your Production Org's 18 character Salesforce ID.


Run Sandbox Core Flow Tests


After installation, in your Sandbox navigate to Sequence Settings > Setup.

Click the Run Test button to initiate Guided Selling's automated tests.

We highly recommended that you complete your own testing of core business flows in the sandbox to ensure normal business operations are functional before going to Production.


Install in Production

If all of Guided Selling's automated tests are successful, the Production Installation URL will be displayed in the Production Org's System Update page.

Proceed to the next step on the page to view the Production Install link and any post-update implementation documentation and release notes.

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