Guided Selling v8.19 Release Notes

Guided Selling by v. 8.19 is now available for installation. Below, please find implementation steps, a list of new features, and links to new Support articles. 

Implementation Steps

Following the upgrade to this version of Guided Selling, you will need to execute the following implementation steps. 

  1. Click the “Set Batch Owner ” button on the Sequence Settings>Batches page. This will initiate new Apex Jobs and ensure they are owned by your user.   
  2. Navigate to the Users section on Sequence Settings and click “Grant All Permissions ” to ensure the Guided Selling Standard Object Permissions is current based on your Sequences Entrance and Exit criteria.
  3. Change Custom Setting RTE Settings "Use Deprecated" to false in Salesforce setup. RTE_Settings.png
  4. Update the new Guided Selling Error Email custom setting to specify which email addresses you want Guided Selling errors to be emailed to. By default, the Setting will be configured with the user who clicks the Set Batch Owner button (step 1 above).Error_Email_Setting.png
  5. Create a New Remote Site Setting. Go to SetupRemote Site Settings. Open the one named "Revenue". Clone it. Update name to Revenue_Enhanced. Change URL to Save

If upgrading from Guided Selling earlier than v. 6.53, you will also need to include the following implementation steps: 

  1. Delete rdnacadence__Unique_Id__c from Participant Sequence History object. This is a legacy field that is deprecated, though if left in an org it will cause issues in future upgrades.
  2. This version of Guided Selling will enable posting an email activity for any email replies to Sequence emails. As a result, it's recommended that you shut off any automation for forwarding Guided Selling email replies to Salesforce. 
  3. Replace the legacy Template Edited field on the Participant Action object. 
    1. Update the page layout for the Participant Action to include the unused "Template Edited" field and remove the legacy one currently on the page layout.  
    2. Delete the legacy Template Edited field from the Participant Action (must be done on Salesforce Classic)
  4. Disable legacy Process Builders:
    1. Rollup Field on Participants(Email Replied)
    2. Rollup Field on Participants(Email Sent)
    3. Rollup Field on Participants(Email opened)
    4. Rollup Field on Participants(Is Deferred)
    5. Rollup Field on Participants(Is Performed)

Included in this Upgrade

    • Updated experience with calls and SMS–when completing a call or SMS from Engage, the action will persist on the Engage view until the action is complete and the user clicks back to the Engage view


    • The new Guided Selling tab now includes a Copy button to copy a direct URL to the Sequence/Action you are viewing


  • Filter Actions on Engage by local timezone and know the local time (US and Canada only) before initiating the call. The local time for the recipient will appear when hovering your mouse over the Call button on Engage. A new filter is available on top of the Engage view.  
  • Improvements to date fields in entrance and exit criteria for Opportunity and Campaign Sequences 
  • Introducing a new rich text editor for improved formatting and performance (TinyMCE)   
  • Improvements to custom logic on entrance/exit criteria with better parsing of logic and additional error messaging in the event of unsupported syntax  
  • To ensure your critical Salesforce operations are not impacted by Guided Selling errors, any Salesforce transaction will be allowed while Guided Selling operations may stall. Errors will be sent directly to the running user and configured Admin. This is made possible through the re-architecture of the application employing Unit of Work principles.

Components Introduced

  • Default Tiny MCE
  • fflib_SObjectUnitOfWork
  • fflib_ISObjectUnitOfWork
  • fflib_IUnitOfWorkFactory

Patch Versions


Advanced Connected Account Security Controls - Customers can enable advanced controls over the data and permissions that they share with Revenue when users connect a Google or Exchange account. Please reach out to the Revenue support team to enable your users to leverage this advanced setting in tandem with the Guided Selling version.


Engage View Performance Fix

Some customers encountered an issue with the Engage tab which was not loading due to apex CPU limit errors in Salesforce. This was caused in part by the expansion of the number of actions that a user can have within Engage at any given time (5000 actions). 

With this patch, we have removed any CPU limit errors while still providing the expanded volume of actions that are accessible via Engage.




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