Getting Started Sending with Revenue for Gmail

Send with Revenue for Gmail

Guided Selling and Calendar users can employ their Gmail integration to send emails directly from Gmail, log an Activity to the related record, and get real-time event tracking on email engagement.  

Package Requirements

To use this feature, you must have the latest versions of ringDNA's base and Advanced Solutions packages installed. The minimum packages required are: 

  • ringDNA for Salesforce v1.87
  • Solutions Package 1 (Advance Solutions) v.1.96

If you do not have the latest versions installed or are unsure, you can contact your CSM or  

Setting up the integration 

  1. Connect your Gmail account within the Admin Console and integrate your gmail account in the Admin Console
  2. Open the ringDNA Intelligent Dialer (you may need to log out and back in) 
  3. In your web browser, open Gmail
  4. Compose a new message
  5. A Revenue button now appears beside the Send button.  


Logging Emails

When using the Revenue feature, any email sent will automatically log to Salesforce. will automatically log an email activity to a Salesforce matching lead or contact record with the most recent modified date.  

At this time, will not log emails to related Opportunities.   

Any response to an email will also be posted to the Activity timeline in Salesforce for the related record.  

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